What Is a Call Girl?

A call girl (also called a “sex worker” or “prostitute”) is any woman who accepts money in exchange for time and companionship with her client. Although she is technically a prostitute, this is not a crime in most jurisdictions as long as the sexual activity remains consensual.

AmorousHug call girls work in brothels, while others are independent contractors who may work at a variety of locations. The legality of this type of work depends on several factors. Regardless of the setting, women who provide sex services are often vulnerable to harassment and exploitation. This is especially true when they are employed at a brothel, where they are not protected by the laws governing other workers.

A call girl posing for the camera in bed, showing off her beautiful legs

Unlike street prostitutes, who are generally hired by their clients on an as-needed basis, most call girls acquire clients through referrals. They may work for a madam, who provides them with a list of screened clients and a location where they can meet. Alternatively, self-employed call girls expand their client lists by purchasing “books,” or client lists, from other call girls.

Call girls can be found working the casino bars and lounges of high-end hotels, including The Venetian, Wynn, Paris, Aria and Caesar’s Palace. They also hang out in the hotel nightclubs and pool parties. In addition, some call girls are based out of private residences and offer an in-call service. They can be contacted through their personal websites or by phone. Most offer photos of themselves, a description of their services and the amount of time they require for an appointment.

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