Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

triple offset butterfly valves

triple offset butterfly valves negate some of the more common issues associated with traditional butterfly valves, such as their inability to handle slurry applications, a lack of bubble-tight shut-off and leak paths around the disc stem. In addition to their ability to withstand high pressure levels, these types of valves also feature a metal-to-metal sealing arrangement which eliminates the possibility of clogging by debris in the disc seat area and extends valve life.

They are suitable for high-corrosive and abrasive materials as well as steam or high-temperature gas and liquids, making them a popular choice for oil and gas processing, pulp and paper and power generation applications. Due to the nature of the media with which they are designed to work, these valves often feature metal seats that are made from high-grade materials such as stainless steel or duplex steel. In some cases, these valves can also feature field-replaceable seating based on an elastomeric or graphite material that covers a stainless steel seat.

Safety Considerations When Working with Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

As with all valves, the performance of a triple-offset butterfly valve is dependent on a variety of factors. These include the size of the valve, its end connection type (flanged, wafer, or lug), the appropriate actuator, and proper installation. Maintenance strategies should be tailored to the specific application, including regular inspections and a focus on maintaining the appropriate operating conditions.

The main advantage of this valve design is that it eliminates contact between the seat and seal ring during opening and closing, which significantly reduces the wear on these components and extends their cycle life. This non-rubbing action can be attributed to the fact that the center line of the valve disc and its centerline or sealing surface are not parallel with each other.

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