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Terrace Railings – What Can Go Wrong And How To Do It Right

The primary function of the fence is safety. Therefore, when building a structure with your own hands, certain standards must be observed.

The distance from the floor to the railing handrails should not be less than 50 cm.

The strength of the railing is the most important indicator of the quality of the fence. They must withstand up to 100 kg of load per 1 m. This indicator ensures the safety of people who can lean on the fence. The strength of the structure is provided by the material from which it is made. An important indicator is the type of connection of parts and the types of fasteners.

If there are children in the family, the distance between the vertical posts of the product should be less than 15 cm. The child will not be able to stick his head into such a gap.

The weak point of the fence is the junction with the floor. He needs special attention.

To increase the service life of products that are built by one’s own hands, it is necessary to carefully process them: metal parts – with anti-corrosion impregnations, and wooden ones – with antiseptic ones. In addition to a one-time coating, it is necessary to carry out preventive painting annually with the same means.

Material selection

The manufacturing process of the fence largely depends on the material. Most often, structures are made of wood, but you can often find products made of metal or WPC.

The determining indicator when choosing wood is strength and resistance to environmental conditions. According to these indicators, the material is divided into hard and soft rocks. The former have a very hard fiber structure, so they practically do not let water through. They are most often used in outdoor work. The disadvantage of such rocks is complex finishing and processing. Some types of hardwood cannot even be sawn by hand.

Softwood is very easy to process – any hand tool will “take” its surface. But such material strongly absorbs moisture due to the low density of the fibers. Because of this, the price of such rocks is much lower than solid ones. However, it is not worth saving on the decoration of street extensions. Softwood fences will last very little and will begin to rot in the first year.

Species such as birch or pine are not suitable for decking, although they are often used for such purposes. They are easy to process, but from contact with the sun and moisture, they quickly become unusable, which affects the safety of structures. It is undesirable to use such breeds, but if this is not possible, treat them with several levels of impregnation, including antiseptic ones.

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