Resin Flooring Kitchen

The resin flooring kitchen is a demanding and high-pressure environment, so it demands tough surfaces that can cope with a lot of footfall and regular cleaning. Your floor must be food-safe, hardwearing, durable, and resistant to chemicals. Resin flooring presents a robust and versatile solution for these requirements, with an extensive range of aesthetic options that can complement the space.

Resin is ideal for a kitchen environment because it provides a seamless surface that’s easy to clean and hygienic. There are no cracks or crevices for germs and bacteria to collect, so the floor is more sanitary than tiled floors. It is also tough enough to withstand harsher cleaning treatments, such as steam and pressure washing, without degrading.

Practical and Stylish: Resin Flooring for Kitchens

PU and epoxy resins can be applied as a self-leveling system, meaning they are quick to install with minimal downtime. However, it’s important to carry out thorough moisture testing and surface preparation prior to installation. This is to ensure that the resin is not susceptible to moisture and humidity retention, which could cause it to delaminate.

Epoxy is also available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and finishes, so you can create a visually stunning kitchen floor that matches the aesthetic of your space. It can be formulated with a slip-resistant finish, making it safer for kitchen staff to walk on, and it offers resistance to impact, abrasion, water ingress, oil, and chemical exposure. It also possesses excellent heat resistance, so it’s ideal for the areas around stoves and ovens.

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