Kettlebell Abs Workout

abs workout with kettlebell

kettlebell exercise for abs are a great way to build your core. They’re fun and challenging, and they’re a great addition to any gym workout.

Start in a high plank position with your wrists under your shoulders and a kettlebell next to your left hand. Pull the bell across your chest and return to plank, repeating on opposite side.

Effective Kettlebell Workouts for Toning Your Abs

The first exercise in this circuit is a twist on the classic plank that works your entire core to prevent the body from rotating as you drag the kettlebell from side to side, says Duncan. The other two exercises are also excellent anti-flexion and ab compression exercises, so you’ll be burning calories as well as ripping up your abdominals.

Standing with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and toes pointed slightly out, grab the handle of the kettlebell firmly with both hands. Bend at your knees and hinge at your hips, imagining pressing your glutes into the wall behind you while maintaining a flat back.

Keeping both arms slightly bent, core engaged and hips stable, draw the kettlebell up and across your torso body diagonally until it’s raised above right shoulder. Reverse to bring the kettlebell back down by left hip.

Walk Forward with the kettlebell in your hand, keeping your torso upright and squared forward as you go. Aim for 20 to 60 yards (meters) per side if you’re able.

The ‘carry,’ or farmer’s carry, is another excellent exercise for building strength and stability in the front of your body through anti-lateral flexion, which also helps prevent lower-back pain. Begin with the kettlebell held down directly at your side, and simply walk forward keeping your torso upright, squared forward as you move along.

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