Hybrid Analytica’s Guide to Business Process Optimization

Business process management – Hybrid Analytica  is an iterative strategy to streamline and automate recurring tasks for greater efficiency. Whether it’s reducing wait times for customers or increasing the number of transactions a support agent can handle per hour, these strategies are designed to improve processes that touch every department within your company.

Data-Infused Operations: A Guide to Achieving Excellence with Hybrid Analytica’s Business Process Optimization

To identify areas for improvement, start by mapping out all of your existing processes. Then, determine if they’re functioning as intended based on your desired goals. This can be done through conformance checking, which compares your as-is process to your ideal one, or identifying key performance indicators and evaluating how they impact overall productivity.

From there, prioritize the most important issues for each department. For example, if sales representatives are chasing up leads too soon or not at all, it could result in frustration and lost business. Similarly, if your customer service representatives are struggling with insufficient resources to answer calls quickly or are wasting time manually inputting data into multiple systems, it’s likely that customers will experience long wait times and unsatisfactory customer experiences.

Once you’ve analyzed the issue, consider potential solutions. This can include implementing automation software to help with rote tasks and data collection, or using low-code development tools for rapid creation of new workflows. Depending on the complexity of your business, it may also be worth looking into AI solutions that can reduce the amount of human oversight required for a given task. For example, a tool that uses machine learning to automatically sort emails or extract data from documents can free up employee time so they can spend more time on more valuable work.

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