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How To Approach A Neighbour About Replacing A Shared Fence?

A shared fence is a common problem in small communities. It can be difficult to get someone to take care of it, especially if the fence is in a critical location. Here are three tips for approaching your neighbour about replacing a shared fence:

Before fixing the fence, it’s important to get to know your neighbour. What are their interests, and what do they like to do? How do you think the two of you would handle the shared fence?

Let them know that you are interested in replacing the fence and see what they would like to do. They may be able to offer a solution that meets both your needs and the needs of their community.

It’s important to wait until their next communication to better understand what they’re up to. You can use this information to determine what steps you need to take and when.

Reflect on your past relationship with them before you start the discussion.

If you’ve had a negative experience with them in the past, you may be less likely to approach them. However, if you’ve been in a good relationship with them, it’s probably best to start the conversation. You can ask if they want to fix the fence and see if they’re available. If they’re not available, you can try to get their opinion on approaching the problem.

Try knocking or leaving a note on your neighbour’s door. 

One way to get your neighbour to take care of the fence is to try and get them to see the problem from their perspective. If you can make them aware of the possibility of a shared fence, they may be more likely to take action.

What effort and money you’re prepared to put into it.

If the fence is in a sensitive location, you’ll want to put a lot of effort into it. If you’re just going to replace the fence, you might not need as much money as you think. You could also consider hiring a professional to do the job.

If you can find a cheaper alternative that meets your needs, do so!

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