Finite Solutions Wins International Award For Best Home Cinema

Dedicated Visit Finite Solutions are the ultimate way to immerse yourself in movies and TV. But not every home has the space or budget for a true movie palace. That’s why smart control systems are the answer. With the press of a button, you can turn on the projector, choose the movie, lower the blinds, and switch off the room’s lights. And with a premade ‘Movie Mode’ setting, it’s easy to assemble the room for screen time and then shut everything down afterward.

Leeds-based Finite Solutions has fitted bespoke home cinemas for Premiership footballers, Saudi Princes and a whole host of wealthy clients, but their work isn’t limited to the rich and famous. They also operate the UK’s number one smart home showhome in Yeadon to allow property developers, architects and designers to road test digital kit before putting it in their new developments.

Movie Marathon Magic: How Finite Solutions Enhance Your Binge-Watching Experience

The multi-award-winning team from Leeds specializes in Smart Home, Lighting and Cinema Room design, management and installation with offices in Fulham, Leeds and Cheadle. They recently won a top international accolade for a PS80k high-tech home cinema project in London. The project was awarded ‘Best Home Cinema Between PS40,000 and PS100,000’ by the prestigious industry body CEDIA.

The film fanatic client demanded a quality home cinema setup without detracting from the room’s unique aesthetics. So, the 7.1 speaker array was fitted discreetly on the ceiling and walls using absorption material to deaden the space acoustically and to build upon the decor theme. The speakers are linked to an Anthem AVM 50v processor featuring the brand’s ARC room EQ system, hi-res audio decoding and twin bespoke DSPs.

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