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What was once an “attractive option” for the team has become an essential asset. Today, project managers are essential enablers of teamwork and speed.

Project managers are responsible for defining, planning, and executing strategic initiatives and making sure everything stays on budget and meets both deadlines and targets.

But why assign all this responsibility to one person?

The most successful teams have realized the importance of ensuring that all team members possess project management skills so that everyone has the knowledge and tools to fulfill their responsibilities. With this approach, project management becomes a core competency of the team.

The key to making your team stand out is providing it with a sophisticated project management software tracker to help you stay on track, collaborate with other team members, and improve accountability.

What is a project tracker?

A project tracker is a digital solution that allows for clear supervision of team projects. It includes capabilities for planning initiatives, monitoring progress, communicating with team members, tracking budgets, sharing documents and resources, and creating new charts and reports. Advanced project trackers also allow users to automate tasks to increase speed.

The project tracker is the essential tool of project management resources. Project managers rely on it to streamline information, improve collaboration, and stay up-to-date on progress, but they are not the only ones using it.

By inviting all project participants to use this tool, everyone will automatically have access to the information and resources necessary to perform their tasks with optimal efficiency.

For example, if your project is migrating to new HRM software, all project team members (including your HR manager, IT specialists, compensation managers, etc.) should actively check and update the project tracker. This ensures that everyone has access at all times to the information they need to fulfill their individual tasks and move the project forward. It also enables faster problem resolution by consolidating communication in one place.

How to choose the right project tracking software

When looking at project tracking software options, look for one that contains the features that are most important to you, is intuitive to use, and does not involve incorporating time-consuming software.

The best options are tools that you can easily integrate with what you already use, such as Unlike many other projects tracking solutions, integrates with all business systems and applications, does not require heavy developer work, and easily adapts to existing employee workflows.

The software you choose should make it easier for your employees, not become a burden. Often times when you add new tools, you also add confusion and complexity to employee tasks. By choosing a project tracker that is intuitive and clear, you can more easily take advantage of its time-saving benefits while creating a better experience for employees.

Things to Do

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Aqaba, in the south of the country, has
wonderful beaches and a world-famous marine environment. Among its attractions
are a first-rate hotel infrastructure, boat trips, diving (including night dives),
gastronomy and historical sites.

Its importance and fame as a destination for lovers of marine fauna have only grown
over the years, being a preferred destination even for all the most demanding
professionals related to marine fauna.

The warm and crystalline waters of Aqaba, with temperatures ranging between 22
and 28 degrees, are the ideal environment to enjoy scuba diving, thanks to the
natural colours of this environment. Coral reefs, generally located less than 100
meters offshore, are rich in tropical fish.

The area stands out for the large number of dive sites along the entire coast, located
a few meters from the shore since the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba is an underwater
gorge that falls into the depths in a few meters.

In Aqaba, it is also possible to go on night diving excursions where you can admire
the sea creatures that take advantage of those hours to show themselves.
For those visitors who do not have due experience in the field of diving, Aqaba has
several diving centres. They all offer equipment to practice this sport in optimal
conditions, professional instructors and transfer by boat to various places of great
marine wealth. In addition, there are many more activities and water sports available,
as well as an interesting and important marine park.

Another interesting leisure alternative for the visitor in Aqaba is to take a ride on the
typical glass-bottomed boats. It is a good opportunity to see the city from the sea and
observe the coral reefs and animals that populate the seabed of the Red Sea.
You can also enjoy its rich commercial life in Aqaba. Most of the bazaars and shops
are located on the main street of the city where local merchants will treat you to tea
and offer you Jordanian products. Gastronomy is another attraction, closely linked to
the fact that it is an area rich in fishing.

One of the main historical sites of Aqaba is the Mamluk Fort which was originally a
Crusader castle rebuilt by the Mamluks in the 16th century. Square in shape and
flanked by semicircular towers, it is marked with various inscriptions from the last
period of the Islamic dynasty.

Things to Do

There are things that do not bring anything good to our life and therefore are a waste of time. Instead, there are others in which we should invest more time because they make your life fuller and help you get ahead.

Spend it with your loved ones

Success lies not only in the financial but also in the personal and family. We cannot sacrifice our family to accumulate wealth.

By the way, do you know who are the best workers and the most productive people? They are those who have an excellent family relationship because they are positive and happy people.

Finish the things you started

An unfinished book, an unfinished trip, an unfinished meeting, a half-way career Maybe there is something you always wanted to do, but due to life circumstances, you ended up abandoning it.

If it’s something you still want to do, take the time to complete it.

If finishing this thing requires money, then start by getting this money that will lead you to finally complete what you abandoned.

I am currently trying to complete some unfinished books and projects, as I realized that leaving things in half did not bring me relevant results.

Do you know what the fifth thing you should do with your free time is?

Dedicate this time to your development

We have mentioned it up to a point, but we do it because it is important that we give time to our development.

I personally have three important areas to develop: spiritual, personal or family, and financial. Based on these areas, I am regularly asking myself:

Where else can I improve? Where am I failing? This has helped me to give up bad habits, have a simpler life, and to stay away from things and people that I liked, but that hurt me.

If you lack the motivation to take action, find other people who have. For me, there are many stories of you and other people that motivate me to continue developing myself and to be a better person every day. And this not only benefits me but also those around me.

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