What Makes CBD Soluble in Water?

CBD is a nonpolar, oil-loving compound that doesn’t easily dissolve in water. To overcome this challenge, manufacturers create cbd soluble in water using a special manufacturing process that transforms the oil-loving cannabinoids into water-soluble compounds. This makes them easy to incorporate into water-based products, like beverages. The resulting emulsions are stable for 12+ months, and they can be homogenous (evenly disperse throughout the product) and have balanced density. This ensures accurate dosing and a consistent experience for the consumer.

Does CBD make you hungry?

The manufacturing process that makes cbd soluble in water is called nanotechnology, which breaks down the CBD molecules into tiny particles that are more easily mixed with water. This increases the surface area of the particles, allowing them to absorb more quickly into the body. When compared to full spectrum CBD that is combined with fats, which are slower for the body to absorb, cbd soluble in water allows for a faster onset of effects.

This technology also empowers beverage producers to infuse their products with other functional ingredients, like turmeric for exercise-induced inflammation or magnesium and L-Theanine to help with relaxation; melatonin for a good night’s sleep; or other herbal supplements for their unique health benefits. To successfully create these innovative combinations, a manufacturer needs cbd that is water-soluble and stable in order for the active ingredients to remain evenly dispersed within the finished beverage. This is why selecting a reliable, proven supplier of water-soluble CBD is critical for the success of your new product.

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