TopGreen Xmax V3 Pro UK Review

xmax v3 pro uk

TopGreen xmax v3 pro uk is a super compact convection vaporizer with a premium feel to it. It’s not designed to be pretty or eye-catching but the sturdy build inspires confidence in its longevity. It’s a great choice for those looking to get into the hobby or just want a simple and reliable vaporizer for one session at a time.

This vaporizer has a ceramic heating chamber and precise temperature control for the best flavour and experience. It’s powered by a removable 18650 battery which is easily accessible via the clickable button. When the battery is low it can be replaced in a couple of minutes with no tools needed.

Enhance Your Cannabis Experience with XMAX V3 Pro: A Comprehensive Review for UK Enthusiasts

The Xmax v3 has two working modes: Session and on-demand. In session mode the vaporizer will heat and maintain a set temperature for 4 or 6 minutes. In on-demand mode the vaporizer will only heat up when you hold down the power button. This is good for those who are low tolerance consumers or just want to take a quick hit and save the rest of their dry herbs for another day.

The Xmax v3 has an insulated aluminium body to keep it comfortable in your hand and not too hot. The mouthpiece is also made from food grade materials with a zirconia ceramic vapour path insert inside. When new there is a slightly metallic taste from this but that goes away quickly. The Xmax v3 is a small and lightweight vaporizer so it’s easy to slip in and out of your pocket. It has a removable battery and a simple and functional OLED display.

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