Tailored Shirts

tailored shirts

A tailored shirts is a custom-fitting dress shirt that fits your unique body type, measurements, and preferences. It’s a great way to get a perfect fit every time.

How to find a good tailor:

Tailors are professional seamstresses who are trained to fit people correctly. They have years of experience and can advise you on questions like lapel width, gussets, pleats, taper, collar shape, etc. They’ve dressed thousands of men and can know what will flatter your figure.

The Ultimate Guide to Tailored Shirts: Everything You Need to Know

A good quality tailor will have the following qualities that make for a superior shirt:

Pattern Matching:

Check if the shirt has a pattern that is the same on both the collar points and the front placket. Also, be sure to look for stripes that match at the back yoke (if it’s a two-piece shirt).


A high stitch per inch count and fine stitching away from the seam edge will make for a more durable shirt that will hold up well against repeated wear and tear. A well-made shirt should have no loose threads, a high stitch tension and no missed stitches or wobbling lines.

How to alter a dress shirt:

A common modification that can make a tailored shirt feel and fit just right is the addition of a new side seam along the body. This is done with the help of a sewing machine. It’s an affordable alterations option and will ensure that your dress shirt is a true reflection of your personal style.

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