Plus Size Gym Clothes

When shopping for plus size gym clothes, it’s important to consider features that will make you feel comfortable in your shape and help you stay committed to a workout routine. These include comfort, fit, compression and support.

What does work out a plan mean?

Look for pieces that are made from breathable fabrics, offer plenty of stretch and feature strong seams. This will ensure that the outfit stays in place and won’t ride up or fall down while you’re exercising.

A good pair of leggings can make a huge difference in your workout and will help you to avoid injury, while a well-fitting sports bra can be key for supporting your bust when you’re hitting the gym. Simply Be is a great place to start for larger-bust options that won’t break the bank, while brands like Nike and Adidas are also stocked with a range of sports bras in sizes up to 4XL.

Torrid is a staple for many plus-size shoppers, and their activewear line is no exception. Their range of leggings, shorts and bras come in sizes from 10 to 30 and will be a perfect match for your curves.

Next is a high street favourite for those looking for inclusive gym kit that will see you through a wide variety of different exercises. Their High Waisted Sculpting Leggings with added Tummy Control will help to keep that tummy in check whilst you’re working out, while their easy tops are ideal for those looking to stay cool and on trend.

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