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How to Install a Wooden Deck With Fixing Clips?

Wood and composite decks are very successful, as well as a resurgence in popularity. This pushes builders to develop innovative products that facilitate the installation of the wooden deck and improve its lifespan.
This is the case of fixing clips for wooden decks which today allow to save at least 30% of the time on the installation of a terrace and to improve the stability of the decking while respecting the regulations of the installation.
What is the concept of fixing clips for wooden decks?
Originally, the clips were designed to provide a reliable, practical, but also a durable fastening solution for wooden decking boards while avoiding any movement of the board as much as possible. All this while simplifying the implementation of the clips to be able to install a terrace easily, more quickly but also with more careful finishes (no visible screws).

All of these fastening systems work on grooved boards where clips are inserted to maintain the initial position by exerting strong pressure from the boards on the joists.
Advantages and disadvantages of installation with clips
The use of fixing clips is ideal for all types of decks allowing it. But beware, some wood species are less (or not) suitable for clip-on installation.
The blades of the wood composite deck may all be provided for by laying clips because the expansion of the boards is less important than the natural wood (softwood, exotic, and heat-treated).
You should know that the wood expands more or less depending on the type of wood, the species, the humidity of the bladeā€¦ When fixing the blades it is, therefore, necessary to take this into account while ensuring compliance with the expansion space they need.
The clips are therefore different depending on the type of wood used because the pressure exerted by the boards on the structure must be different. Thus, resinous wood decking boards are rarely compatible with fixing clips because the expansion is greater. If the pressure exerted by the clip-on softwood is too great, the blade may crack and the decking may quickly deteriorate during temperature changes.
The advantages of a clip-in installation
Invisible and neat fixing. The spacing between the slats is more natural.
Ease and speed of implementation. The high-end clips directly integrate a screw preinstalled in it, which turns out to be a time-saver and significant user comfort.
Stainless steel clips are resistant to all types of weather
The clip allows easy disassembly and replacement of the blade. Very practical for example to access an installation under the terrace
The disadvantages of a clip-in installation:

The cost is higher with the purchase, it is an investment at the time of the purchase of your terrace. It must be taken into account that the stability of the terrace directly impacts the life of the structure. This is an investment that improves the life of the patio.
How much do patio fixing clips cost?
Regarding the price, the clip remains slightly more expensive than the screw. We would nevertheless like to point out that generally half the clips are required for an equivalent terrace area.
Whatever type of product or brand of decking you choose, it is essential to always follow the recommendations and the installation instructions.
How to install a wooden deck with clips?
The concept of clip-in installation allows for simplified installation of your deck boards. The clip is designed so that all you have to do is screw it into your aluminum or wood joist and slide it into the grooves of the board. For aluminum structures clips with specific self-drilling screws are necessary.
The gripping of the hooks makes it possible to hold the device in place and to be able to screw with ease. Some even offer removable structures, very practical for replacing a defective blade or accessing the underside of the decking if necessary.

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