Gym Fashion Tips For Women

gym fashion womens

As anyone who’s ever stepped inside a gym knows, there are all sorts of rules about what cute gym clothes women should and shouldn’t wear while working up a sweat. While some of these rules may be personal preference (for example, long necklaces are a no-go as they can get in the way of elliptical arms), most experts agree that women should feel comfortable to work out at their best.

That’s why it’s so important to find gym clothes that make you happy. Whether that means finding a cute pair of workout leggings that make you want to splurge on a new set, or a budget-friendly dupe from a brand like Old Navy or Alo Yoga, there’s boundless options out there to fit every style and price point.

Sweat in Style: Embrace Your Workouts with Cute and Trendy Gym Clothes for Women

The key is to avoid cotton, which absorbs every drop of sweat – which will only leave you feeling damp and heavy by the time you’re done doing jumping jacks. Instead, opt for sweat-friendly synthetic or blended fabrics that wick away moisture, keeping you cool and dry as you move.

And don’t forget a good sports bra – you need one that supports, not restricts movement. It’s also important to keep in mind that jewelry is a no-go in the gym – any loose pieces can easily trip you up and you should be careful not to get them caught on your equipment, especially with weighted bangles, which can actually cause injury by causing the skin to chafe and rub together.

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